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Who we Serve 


The Misson

Queen IAM is to Empower, Enrich and Educate young ladies everywhere. Queen IAM was created today to promote and encourage self-love, self-respect and self-understanding. We will provide mentorship, workshops and events designed to inspire individual growth. Queen IAM’s goal is to encourage young queens to know their self-worth, so they will grow into strong, confident and beautiful women

Serving ages 7-17 years old Queen IAM goal is to work extremely hard to expose our young queens to opportunities to grow social and emotionally such as our highlight on self-love. Self-respect and self-understanding. We use our tools and resources to then connect them to areas 


  • College and Career Readiness,

  • Health and Wellness

  • Financial Literacy

  •  Community Service

What we Do:

Service Learning Projects 
Summer Programming 
School Appearances
Field Trips 


Queen IAM Goals 

  • Prompting self-confidence and self- esteem amongst our young girls

  • Introducing unique ways they can be leaders in their community(s)

  • Empowering their knowledge on being a girl physically, mentally, emotionally and socially

  • Promoting friendships and girl power

  • Individual self-discovery

  • Becoming better leaders in many areas of their lives.

  • Learning their worth

  • Creating a safe space where  young ladies can be their selves 

  • Strong Peer Relationships

  • Support and Guiding through the daily journey  of being a girl

  • Understanding self awareness

  • Exposing them to future opportunites 


  • Confidence

  •  Positive Body Image

  • Stereotypes

  • Women in the Work World

  • Education

  • Healthy Choices

  • Goals

  • Self understanding

  • Self Love

  • Self Respect

  • Dreams

  • Women's History

  • Community Outreach

  • Hygiene

  • Self Discovery

  • Home Economics 

  • Future Selves 

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Queen in Qurantine 

A safe space held on zoom where Queen IAM host interactive and engaging workshops partnered with amazing local girl bosses that can share their skill or talent with our young queens. Activities include Zumba , Tie Dye, Cake Decoration and many more. 

  • Queen IAM Swag

  • Sisterhood

  • Mentoring

  • Resources

  • All Supplies Provided

  • Hands on Projects

  • Interactive Curriculum

  • Sisterhood Building

  • Safe Spaces to Thrive and Learn

  • Engaging and Connecting Girls all over Cleveland

  • Exposure to New Activities and Projects

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